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Dream Team Engineering’s Research Team tests the usability, scope, and impact of DTE projects. Our teams use a combination of dry lab techniques, including data acquisition through patient surveys, professional writing, and statistical analysis, to determine the efficacy of DTE projects being used within the hospital.

Surgical Efficacy Research Team

Surgical Efficacy Research

The DTE Surgical Efficacy Research Team is responsible for designing and conducting survey-based research studies surrounding the training effectiveness of the kidney transplant and cholecystectomy models designed by the DTE Surgical Design Team. Our primary responsibilities include providing literature review to contextualize DTE’s projects in the greater scientific world, aiding in material science research for the model team, designing IRB protocols, and conducting the experiments. 

Diabetes VR Research

Diabetes Virtual Reality (VR) Research is focused on testing the efficacy of the Diabetes VR game. This game helps those affected with diabetes to learn about healthy food choices, servings sizes, food labels, and blood sugar levels. Through interactive games, the players can learn more about diabetes and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our research is focused on virtual reality as an education tool and how it can help patients, especially younger in age, grasp information better. Our goal is to ensure this game can be used to better assist in diabetes care and education through more interactive methods.

Diabetes VR Research
Cardiothoracic Research Team

Cardiothoracic Research

We write the research design papers for the virtual reality, 3D modeling team, and the Berlin Heart models created by the DTE Cardiothoracic Design Team. The Berlin Heart Research Initiative studies the impact DTE’s 3D-printed Berlin Heart model has on the patients of Shands Hospital. Our research focuses on measuring the educational and therapeutic benefits a 3D model can provide pediatric patients before undergoing a Berlin Heart implantation.

MRI Research

The MRI Research Team is studying the benefits DTE’s 3D printed MRI model has on the patients of Shands Hospital. They are exploring the possible correlation between patients interacting with a model MRI and experiencing decreased levels of anxiety surrounding an MRI scanning. In addition to running the study that measures the efficacy of the recently completed MRI project, we are also measuring the efficacy of the specially designed "underwater" imaging room. 

MRI Research Team
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